TIS 1955 : Lighting and Similar Equipment – Radio Disturbance Limits

LED lights with SMPS are mandatory for TIS 1955

TIS 1955-2542 is a standard defines the limits of radio disturbance signal (radiated and conducted) from

  • Lighting equipment with a primary of generating and/or disturbing light intended for illumination purposes, and intended either for connection to the low voltage electricity supply or for battery operation
  • The lighting part of multi-function equipment where one of the primary functions of this is illumination

    Standard concern on radio disturbance signal generated from lighting products

  • independent auxiliaries of use with lighting equipment
  • UV an IR radiation equipment
  • Neon advertising signs
  • Street/flood lighting intended for outdoor use
  • Transport lighting (installed in buses and trains)
Our Service
We offers consultation and application service for TIS 1955. Our service includes
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  • Preparing quality system according to TIS Particular Requirements.
  • Arranging of pre-audits to evaluate your organization’s quality system.
  • Advising on how to prepare the samples for the lab. Coordinate with TISI officer to mark sample as authorized sample in order to send to TISI approved lab.
  • Advising on how to choose an authorized Inspection Body (IB) and certified test lab
  • Providing training to company’s staffs how to maintain the quality system after certification
  • Advising you to prepare factory test equipments and related quality records such as calibration reports, test records.
Sample preparation and factory test requirement
  •  Our expertised staffs will helps you to check sample prepration and factory test requirements on TIS 1955. Please contact us to simplify your TIS certification process.

Unofficial translation : Download Thai Industrial Standards TIS 1955 - Lighting and Similar Equipment – Radio Disturbance Limits

You may download unofficial translation of TIS 1955 here