MALAYSIA SIRIM Certification

MALAYSIA SIRIM Certification Application ( Type Approval)

Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements. Type Approval is a mandatory requirement for a communications product before it is allowed to be sold in Malaysia.

SIRIM QAS International is the sole certifying agency appointed by Malaysia authority.

Q Man Consulting Services

We offers consulting and application service to you to get SIRIM QAS Type Approval in the most convenient ways. We helps you to optimize your application by arranging faster and cost effective testing laboratory. We helps you about self declaration procedure. Our services will ensure you will get your products certified so that you will be able to sell your products in provided time frame.

Our Other Services

  •    Special Approval application of product for purpose of exhibition, trial, survey, demo or training
  •    Subscription of E-Permit for customer.
  •    Application for Import Permit for communication products.
  •    Sample import for testing.
  •    Application for SIRIM safety label for approved products.
  •    Renewal of SIRIM Type Approval Certificate

Who requires to apply SIRIM Type Approval?

  •    Manufacturers, assembler, traders, retailers, network operator or service provider (local/oversea)
  •    The foreign applicants shall appoint a local management representative in Malaysia to be responsible for Type Approval application.

 Example of communication product need to be certified

  •    Customer Premise Equipment ( CPE ) connected to telecommunication network
  •    Marine radio
  •    Broadcasting equipments
  •    Radar equipments
  •    Aviation communication equipments
  •    VSAT equipments
  •    Satellite modem
  •    Inmarsat satellite phone terminal
  •    Product related to retailers like netbook, tablet PC, mobile phone, security devices, smart TV, WiFi/3G/Buletooth module.

Certification Scope

Electrical Safety

• Electrical aspect of the communications equipment ( power    supply, plug top,cable,adaptor etc.)

Electromagnetic immunity and compatibility

• Below 30kHz

• Below 26kHz and 1300MHz

• Above 1000MHz

Network interoperability

• Data networks & Software

• Public switched and cellular telephony networks


• Below 30 kHz.

• Between 26kHz and 1300 MHz.

• Above 1300MHz.

Light-wave apparatus

• All communications equipment operates based on optical manner

Cabling and Accessories

• Waveguide type cable.

• Optical-based cable.

• Other cables including copper and aluminium.

Information required for Type Approval application.

  •    Original User Manual
  •    Technical Specification
  •    Colour brochure or colour photo (minimum size 5R)
  •    Original Technical Manual (upon request);
  •    Test reports from accredited laboratory ( if have )

Process and lead time of application


Quotation will be raised in 2 working days once required information is received. After receive of the PO and sample, we will proceed the Type Approval application, lead time (with test reports ) is 2-3 week.