TIS 196 Automotive Safety Glasses

Thai Industrial Standards TIS 196-2536 Automotive Safety Glasses : Laminated Safety Glasses

Automotive Safety Glasses – Laminated Safety Glass is mandatory under Thai Industrial Standards TIS 196-2536

TIS 196-2536 is a standard specifies grades, thickness, and tolerances, material, requirements, marking and labeling, sampling plan, and criteria for conformity and testing for automotive safety glasses: laminated safety glass. It also covers laminated safety glass which is transparent, both coloured and colourless, intended to be used for windscreen and other parts but not cover safety glass made for the purpose of bullet resistance.

Our Service

We offers consultation and application service for TIS 196. Our service includes
  • Being your representative to submit application. We also help you to consider product scope on certificate to maximize your usage and minimize expenses for repeatedly application submission.
  • Preparing quality system according to TIS Particular Requirements.
  • Arranging of pre-audits to evaluate your organization’s quality system.
  • Advising on how to prepare the samples for the lab. Coordinate with TISI officer to mark sample as authorized sample in order to send to TISI approved lab.
  • Advising on how to choose an authorized Inspection Body (IB) and certified test lab
  • Providing training to company’s staffs how to maintain the quality system after certification
  • Advising you to prepare factory test equipments and related quality records such as calibration reports, test records.
Sample preparation and factory test requirement
  •  Our expertised staffs will helps you to check sample prepration and factory test requirements on TIS 969. Please contact us to simplify your TIS certification process.

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